Sleeper Sofa Alternative 2019

Whether you’re looking for a sleeper sofa alternative for small apartment?, something that can hide in plain sight. Today’s sleeper sofas are so ingeniously designed, when you’re in need of a new couch you can use a sofa that can turn into a bed.


Leather Sleeper Sofa as Smart Custom Bedroom Alternative

Renting a single room apartment is pretty simple for temporary staying space. The small apartment which is also known as studio apartment just has a big room space. And it must be splitted into four rooms with portable room bulkheads besides an personal bathroom. Those rooms are living room, bedroom, dining room area and kitchen. multifunctional furniture is more suggested to maximize these small single room apartment. And leather sleeper sofa can be clever idea to give a comfortable custom bedroom for overnight your guest.

Usually, leather sleeper sofa has the similar design such as usual sofa at home. It has seat, legs and backrest to complete the living room decoration. Occasionally, sofa in the living space has footrest which is adjustable for specific moment of the day resting. And in the other occasion, this leather sofa is capable to turn into a bed complete with headboard as patented cushion at once. Well, sophisticated modification is truly awesome these day. It attested by the leather sleeper sofa appearance. This sofa has unique operation system, easy to expand if we are going to use it as bed. Each sleeper sofa product has different operating system and so does the leather sleeper sofa. Occasionally, they must be slid forward to turn it into the bed. In the other way, it needs to be lifting and then fold or anything to render them useful as a bed in your living room.

Since it is leather, they must be easy to clean just by scrubbing it tenderly twice a week. And don’t be afraid if you spilling soup or drink above the sofa. The majority of leather sofa is waterproof so they will be durable for long time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include white leather sofas are exposed to spills the soup or drink. Of course on the surface of sofa there will be spots. If you don’t want to take this risk, We recommend that you don’t choose white leather sleeper sofa.

Here are some examples of sleeper sofa alternatives for your small living room. Let’s take a look together!


Apartment Alternative with a Full Bed and a Sleeper Sofa

Apartment Alternative with a Full Bed and a Sleeper Sofa


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